BBQ fun!

We are a family run business, so what better place to use our own product than at a family barbecue.  In a couple of weeks, we will be hosting a big gathering in our backyard.  I am excited for our friends and family to get to share a Table Tap with us.  My biggest decision has been what to fill the Table Tap with?  Beer?  Lemonade? Sangria? Punch?  After much deliberation, I opted for a light, refreshing, white sangria.  I can make it ahead of time, and not have to worry about ice melting because I will be using our unique cooling shell to keep the sangria cold!  

I'm positive with our Table Tap front and center at the bbq, everyone will be talking and commenting on it...what would they fill their own with?  What would you fill yours with?  The possibilities are endless, unlike the summer season, so order yours today!