Top 10 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Our Product!

Top 10 Reasons Why Our Customers Love Our Product

  1. It’s football season- Focus on the game instead of waiting for the wait staff to refill each pint! 
  2. A Table Tap is fun to use! The taps are the same ones used behind the bar.
  3. Table Taps make great gifts!
  4. It looks cool at the bar. It’s a 4-foot tower of beer!
  5. Our products are made of commercial grade materials, so they last!
  6. We have a one year unconditional warranty!
  7. Fill up the tower with the customer’s favorite seasonal beer choice.
  8. Like cold beer? Our cooling shell keeps the beer ice cold!
  9. Our family run business prides itself on great customer service.
  10. Restaurants and bars become an instant hit when customers see a 4 foot beer tower on the tables!