What reminds you of fall?

Hey everyone! Hope your summer was filled with fun and memorable times! Now that fall is less than 2 weeks away, I'd like to ask you- what reminds you of fall? Is it the changing leaves? The crispness in the air?  The craze of pumpkin everywhere (pumpkin flavored beer anyone?) A favorite childhood memory?  

Fall makes me think of all of those things and...football! Do you look forward to the games on Sunday?  Sitting at the bar or in front of the television in your home eating wings, nachos, and drinking your favorite beer?  Want to enhance that experience a little more?  That's where we come in...can you imagine not having to leave your couch because your Table Tap is filled with your favorite beer and it's sitting right next to you?  Or let's say you're at a local bar and it's crowded with fans.  Do you have trouble tracking down the waitstaff? If you have a Table Tap at your table, there's no need to worry about refills; you can handle that yourself.  The other customers will be filled with envy as they wait to have their beers refilled and you're enjoying another cold pint!

Now's the time to enjoy all that fall has to offer...order your Table Tap today.  For home or restaurant; you won't have to move from that screen!