About Kim Krail - CEO

In September 2016, I became the CEO of Table Tap Products. My husband Brian, the original owner, decided to take a chance on me and I officially took over the business.

Being an educator for over 15 years prior to Table Tap, I bring with me many traits I used in the classroom and are needed to run a successful business.  First and foremost, organization.  Teachers and business owners must be the epitome of organized to get the desired outcome. It is the only way to  reach every student as well as every customer.

In addition, I have the need to always improve. As a teacher and a business owner, I have the mentality that in order to be great, I always have to be better than I was the day before. A passion and love for the subject matter is key as well.  In business, always meeting the needs of my customers, making sure they are 100% satisfied, by providing them with quality they can count on sale after sale. 

A willingness to reflect; what works, what doesn't and how to immediately modify and change as needed.  And finally, I come equipped with a work ethic that doesn't quit.  Only when a person is passionate about what he/she does, can success be achieved. 

I invite you, the most important component of our business, the customer, to experience my commitment, drive, and passion to Table Tap Products.

Thank you,

Kim Krail, CEO Table Tap Products