How does it work?

It's easy!  The server delivers the filled Table Tap tube to the table, and the customers can fill their own pint glasses!  The Table Tap comes with an easy to use commercial beer spigot; and with its built in lazy susan - customers can fill their beer no matter where they are at the table.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $19.99 for the first unit, and $9.99 each addl. unit.

How do I clean it?

The Table Tap comes completely apart so that you can get to every area of the Table Tap to insure it is food safe.  All Table Tap parts are commercial dishwasher safe.

Can it be easily tipped over?

NO!  When filled the Table Tap can be leaned 40 degrees, and lean back on to its base without tipping. 

How much beer does it hold?

The Table Tap is marked and holds 120 oz (2 Pitchers), but can be filled all the way up to 180 oz.

How does the beer stay cold?

With our patented cooling shell.  Each Table Tap comes with 1 Cooling Shell that you keep in the freezer.  When a customer places an order just drop the cooling shell in, and it floats near the top of the beer maintaining the temperature.

How long does the beer stay cold?

With our patented cooling shell - the beer coming out of the spigot will maintain the same temperature for 45 minutes.

How long does it take to ship?

The Table Tap is always in stock and ships next business day via UPS Ground.  After you place your order you will receive a shipment confirmation e-mail including your UPS tracking number.  Please allow 24 hours for the shipping confirmation e-mail.