Table Tap - 5 Unit Special - 20% OFF & FREE STUFF

Sale price Price $799.99 Regular price $999.99

If you're running a busy bar or restaurant, you know that 1 Table Tap isn't going to be enough.  As we hear from so many of our customers "Once 1 Table Tap goes out to a table, they ALL go out to tables"!

Our 5 unit special includes at NO CHARGE:

  • Shipping - a $59 value
  • 10 Cooling Shells - Includes 2 cooling shells per unit to keep you turning over the Table Tap throughout the night - a $50 value

That's 5 Table Taps for the price of 4 plus a whole lot of FREE STUFF!

The Table Tap is 4 Feet Tall, has a 4" diameter tube, and the bottom of the base is 12" across.

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